Advertising your business

How to advertise your business more effectively

Key points in this article

  • Giving your marketing a chance
  • Getting creative with your marketing messages
  • Diversifying your choice of medium

If your advertising isn’t seeing returns, chances are it’s down to one of these problems. The good news is that every problem has a solution.

Problem #1 – You aren’t playing to your strengths

Advertising should echo your position in the market. For example, there’s no point running a campaign around pricing if you can’t compete with bigger brands on cost.

Focus on what makes you stand out.

Solution – Base your marketing messages around your competitive advantages

Problem #2 – You’re giving up too soon

It takes a while to build awareness. Potential customers will need to hear from you a few times before they bite.

Even if they don’t buy from you straight away, you want them to have you in the back of their mind when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Solution – Don’t get disheartened too soon

Some business owners don’t give their marketing a chance to make a difference

Problem #3 – The ads just aren’t that attractive

The design of your advertising is crucial. Use the way it looks or sounds to create a great first impression. Whatever the medium, if the advert’s not appealing, it’ll do your brand more harm than good.

Solution - Invest in professional design rather than standard media formats

Problem #4 – The message is a bit dull

Customers aren’t actively interested in adverts so your message has to grab them. Avoid just describing your products and go for something a little more emotive.

Answer the question: what’s in it for me?

Solution – Revisit your marketing messages and get creative

Creativity gets customers so aim for some uniqueness in your marketing messages

Problem #5 – Your marketing is inconsistent

Every part of your marketing has to be rigorously consistent in tone, design and message — from your website and physical store, to your business cards and adverts.

It’s the only way to build your brand.

Solution - Every point of contact with your business should give a consistent impression

Problem #6 – You’re putting all your eggs in one basket

Avoid relying on just one medium. The goal is to build up regular contact with potential customers so you’ll greatly improve your chances if you diversify your choice of medium a little.

Solution - Use a small range of tactics that fit your target market

Find the marketing mediums that are likely to work for your business

Problem #7 – You’re spreading yourself too thin

As always, balance is everything. It’s easy to become over-reliant on just one medium but don’t go to the other extreme. There’s no need to waste time and money on every type of marketing possible.

Solution – Market research the best mediums for reaching your target market

Problem #8 – The budget isn’t quite right

There are two traps here. Investing too little can end an ad campaign before it's had a chance to work, but people often panic and throw too much money at advertising when their business is in trouble.

Solution - Figure out your ideal budget after finding out the best ways to reach your target customers

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