House&Garden Quick Quote

House&Garden Quick Quote

Sign up to the House&Garden Quick Quote app and receive one year’s subscription to House and Garden magazine for free.

The House&Garden Quick Quote app provides an online solution for consumers to locate qualified, insured and certified tradespeople.

Sign up as a certified provider and promote your business to a quality range of consumers and get a free one year subscription to House&Garden – valued at almost $100.

House&Garden in partnership with SocialCoil has released a new app and online solution for consumers and small businesses to locate qualified, insured and certified tradespeople. House&Garden Quick Quote is delivering new job requests from the premium House&Garden readership every hour. Your success and theirs are tied together - you only pay for the work you actually win.

Need more work? Get work anywhere on your mobile or from your desk. Seeking a premium clientele in the greater metropolitan areas of all capital cities? Sign up as a certified provider for the Quick Quote app from Australian House&Garden.

House&Garden has readership throughout Australia constantly looking for new architects, interior designers, renovators, building contractors, electricians, painters, floor covering experts and more. House&Garden seeks the most experienced and qualified companies to bid on jobs nationwide. There's no business development time on your part, just receive leads as soon as the home-owner requests your service. You pay based on success only. Don't rely on hit-or-miss advertising - this is a new way to guarantee results.

Promote your business to a quality range of consumers in minutes. We bring customers to you - without any effort on your part.

To help get you started, follow these steps and you should receive your first opportunity from Quick Quote within two weeks:

  • Discuss your interest in Quick Quote over the phone with a representative. Don’t forget to mention you’re an ANZ Small Business Hub member.
  • Sign up for a pre-purchased, success-based lead contract

What's more, ANZ Small Business Hub members who sign up will get a free one-year subscription to House&Garden - valued at almost $100.

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You only pay for work that you win. Leads are provided to you after you sign-up for a pre-paid account.

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