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  • Taking advantage of expert local knowledge
  • Getting assistance with your ANZ relationship manager

How ANZ can help you expand globally

ANZ has been building our offshore network for over 40 years in Asia and more than 100 years in the Pacific. With more than 16,000 staff on the ground, we have about ten times as many bankers in Asia Pacific as our Australian competitors.

Covering 34 markets globally, ANZ is present in more of the locations where you are doing business.

Expert local knowledge and capability

ANZ provides you direct access to a range of specialists, including trade finance and foreign exchange experts. We also draw on our networks to access local business, professional, regulatory and government contacts to support your business across Asia Pacific.

ANZ is the only Australian bank with both Corporate and Retail Renminbi (RMB) licenses. As trade with China is increasingly denominated in RMB, ANZ is best placed to assist you to trade, invest and remit funds in China’s local currency.

One of your smartest export moves will be getting the right advice from the right people

Global relationship management

ANZ views you as a single client across all the countries you operate in. Our global relationship management structure gives you access to:

  • A global relationship manager as the single point of contact for your banking needs across Asia Pacific; and
  • A relationship team in each country where you operate to provide local country insights and operating capability.

Dedicated to Australian and onshore customers

ANZ has dedicated Australia New Zealand Desks established in major Asia Pacific markets. These Desks facilitate banking arrangements as you expand into or trade with the region. As well as providing with local insights, the Australia New Zealand Desks also have an in-depth understanding of the Australian market.

ANZ also provides inbound investment support to offshore businesses entering the Australian market in both an investment and trade capacity.

Banking outside Australia

ANZ simplifies the way we support you across multiple geographies.

  • On-boarding: Our team of specialists are experts in regulatory and government policies, allowing fast and simple opening of offshore bank accounts and facilities.
  • Documentation: We utilise standard security documents in various geographies, which substantially reduce costs and timeframes for foreign legal advice.

Global Insights

By leveraging our presence across the region we offer you access to economic updates and market intelligence focused on industry trends and regional economic activity.

Speak to ANZ today about how we can assist.

We continually strive to make life simpler for our clients and your relationship manager will provide tailored products and services to support your business, from debt funding, FX and Trade to transaction banking.

Build a strong bond with your ANZ relationship manager to support your export push

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