She loved Little Red Chick so much she bought it

Kylie Oldroyd, owner of children’s boutique Little Red Chick, reveals that her decision to buy the store was largely due to how much she had enjoyed being one of its customers. “My daughters absolutely adored it,” she recalls. “It’s such a beautiful store. When I heard at the end of last year that it was for sale, I started seriously considering buying it.”

Kylie’s love of the store wasn’t the only reason behind her decision to buy it. “I was working really long hours with a long commute every day,” she says. “I wanted to make a change that would benefit my family. And the store is literally around the corner from my house and across the road from the girls’ school. So it was very tempting!”

Kylie’s goal of achieving a better work/life balance has been made possible since taking over the business. And she and her staff are committed not only to providing a top level customer experience, but also to offering brands that are organic, and that support sustainability and fair trade. “It’s a real point of difference for us,” Kylie explains. “We have a lot of ranges that you just can’t get in the bigger department stores. We focus on clothing that’s sustainably produced under fair trade conditions, as well as interesting and ethical toys for older children.”

Meet our small business customer Kylie, from Little Red Chick. 

She’s our 2 billionth dollar customer from our $2 billion lending pledge. This video tours Kylie’s gorgeous store and highlights how ANZ has helped Kylie start her business.

Little Red Chick also offers their products online, and Kylie says that when it comes to that side of the business, the sky’s the limit. “The previous owner was very proactive about the online business, such as making it mobile-friendly,” she says. “There’s unlimited potential there, and it’s something we’re definitely focusing on, going forward.”

Kylie and her staff have made sure that their digital strategy is also used to encourage customers to visit their physical store in Caringbah. “We are a destination store,” she admits. “And there’s an art to attracting customers. We’re dedicated to social media – Facebook and Instagram are godsends for us. We’re on there daily, and we get a great response to all our campaigns and that draws people into our store.”

Kylie also credits her staff with being dedicated, knowledgeable, and passionate about what they do. “They’re constantly on social media, even at 10 at night, promoting new ranges,” she enthuses. “They work longer hours than they should, but they are absolutely passionate about their jobs.”

Kylie also has her eye on the future, with some specific long-term goals. “I would like to open more stores,” she reveals. “And I’d definitely like to expand the online side of things and raise our brand awareness, because the online marketplace is limitless. Bricks and mortar stores are wonderful, and I think it’s absolutely necessary for us that people can come in and have that tactile experience, but the growth possibilities for online are just endless.”

When asked if she’d do anything differently, Kylie admits that she could have been better prepared from an administrative point of view. “Being organised and on top of accounting and cash flow is absolutely crucial,” she says. “You can never be too prepared. So I’d definitely have invested more time in training on accounting software, as well as taxation guidelines.”

When it comes to juggling a work/life balance, and going into business, Kylie has some advice for other working mums:

  • Life’s not a dress rehearsal – “if you want to do something, don’t be afraid to get in there and give it a go,” she says. “Don’t die wondering. So many people are terrified about taking a calculated risk. I mean, yes, do your research, but don’t be afraid to take a risk. Believe in yourself and you could end up with something fabulous.”
  • Embrace your imperfections – “accept that not everything can get done in a day,” Kylie advises. “It’s about prioritising, and making lists, and accepting that you cannot be superhuman. I think that’s really important. Not just for the successful running of a business and a home, but for your mental stability as well.”

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