Efficiency and security – key pain points solved by HR platform, Employment Hero

For Five Senses Coffee HR Manager Gavan Hogan, making the move to a cloud-based HR system was a natural tie in with their existing product-related processes that were already in the cloud. “We had been using cloud-based processes for our coffee products for years, and realised our HR processes were an efficiency issue that needed to be solved,” he recalls. “I used to spend hours updating employee details, and it drove me crazy!”

Launched in 1999, Five Senses Coffee roasts specialty coffee for cafes and restaurants all around Australia. With the flagship and head office in Perth, they have since expanded offices into Victoria and Sydney, and employ a staff of 70. Although the industry is fiercely competitive, Gavan attributes Five Senses Coffee’s success to the excellence of their customer service. “We have excellent customer support, and we work really hard to get it right all the time,” he explains. “If a mistake occurs, it’s a learning experience for us and an opportunity to get better. We've built technology that has allowed us to scale the business, so we can roast whatever the customer wants, from any country. We're really focused on the customer experience and getting that right.”

Business growth has meant an expansion of staff, and until recently, most of Five Senses Coffee’s HR processes were paper-based. Gavan said it was time to update and move to the cloud. “I'm a member of the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI), and I was at a conference when I first heard about Employment Hero,” he recalls. “Originally, I was looking at a similar HR system, but I had concerns about their privacy and security features. When I looked into Employment Hero, those features were much better and I was more comfortable with how the platform would support the business.”

Gavan’s ANZ Relationship Manager, Shelley Woodenberg, put the wheels in motion for Five Senses to learn more about Employment Hero. “One of their key challenges identified was managing their staff across Australia as they have expanded into new markets,” Shelley recalls. “They were looking for an HR solution that was easy to use, integrated well with their current technology and fitted with their brand identity and culture.”

In addition to improving efficiency and replacing the paper-based system, Gavan says that Employment Hero has been instrumental in solving other pain points. “It allows us to track leave much more effectively. We've saved a lot of time in our payroll office,” he explains. “There's also the self-service feature, so staff can update their own details without having to contact me.”

Shelley explains that a cloud-based, mobile-friendly system, one that would integrate with their Quickbooks  accountancy software, was  also a key feature that meant Employment Hero was the ideal fit for Five Senses Coffee. “Five Senses really felt that the product offering was superior with their staff being knowledgeable, energetic and very responsive to all queries,” says Shelley.

Gavan agrees. “I'd certainly recommend it to other businesses. It's so efficient,” he says. “We had staff details in various offices, and a lot of the records were doubled up.  Employment Hero allows us to have one source of information for all our staff.”

With their HR processes now functioning at the same level as their coffee processes, Gavan says that business growth is what the company has in mind for the future. “We’d like to grow the company and Employment Hero will be a key factor in doing this efficiently,” he says.

With growth on the horizon Five Senses Coffee participated in an ANZ Growth Program clinic earlier this year. The clinic covered a range of topics specific to ‘building an organisation’ with a key focus on employees; attracting and retaining, managing talent, skills and expertise.

ANZ recognises that customers have needs that extend beyond banking. It’s with that in mind that the ANZ Growth Program and collaborations, like Employment Hero are developed - these are just two examples where ANZ is helping people and communities to thrive.

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