Taking the hassle out of onboarding employees

When Chameleon Customer Contact implemented the Xero payroll system last year, the time also seemed right to look at streamlining their employee onboarding system. As a business that specialises in outsourcing, they were spending a lot of time getting new employees set up. “Clients come to us when they want to deliver business within the direct sales space,” says Abbey Carter, Chameleon’s National Recruitment and HR Manager.

As customer contact optimisation specialists, Chameleon provide teams for retail kiosks, business to business sales, call centres, merchandising, marketing, and event management, to name but a few. Chameleon’s clients involve large businesses such as Vodafone, Lumo Energy, RSL and Mercury Energy in New Zealand. With over 150 employees in Australia, and offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Canberra, onboarding employees is a major task for their HR department. “Our clients will give us a brief – say to run a kiosk at an industry event – and we put together a team to make that happen,” Abbey explains.

“Because we’d just rolled out Xero, I thought it’d be another 12-24 months before I could put forward a business case for a new HR information system,” Abbey recalls. “I knew what the cost would be. But then our ANZ business bank relationship manager, Sid Narsey, put us onto Employment Hero. To be able to implement a system like that for a company this size, would have cost a lot of money. The fact that the Employment Hero platform was free - well for me, it was a no-brainer.”1

Employment Hero is in fact, free to ANZ business customers. This is due to a collaboration between Employment Hero and ANZ which was announced in February 2017. The cloud-based software manages the entire employee life cycle from hire to retire, including options to bundle in HR services, HR support, employment law, migration services, recruitment or outsourced payroll with rostering and award interpretation. “It takes 100 pages of paperwork to on-board an employee, this is often then sent by mail and stored in manila folders — a huge waste of resources and time,” says Employment Hero chief Ben Thompson. “We remove all this paperwork, sending the right information to the right parties in a secure real-time environment”.2

This was certainly the case for Chameleon. “As you can imagine with this kind of business, we're recruiting constantly. We could be on-boarding 10-20 people per week,” says Abbey. “Our previous process was very manual. With the old system, you'd have some managers that would handle the onboarding process flawlessly, and others that would miss a critical piece of information. I'd open an employee file and there might be a passport or superannuation form missing. With Employment Hero, it really minimises those sorts of errors.”

Along with streamlining their onboarding process, Abbey points to other features of Employment Hero that have benefited Chameleon. “It’s a real time saver – it’s reduced the amount of time our Managers have to spend on administrative tasks by up to 2 hours a week,” she reveals. “And the benefits program is amazing. We don't have a great deal of employee benefits across our business at the moment, so to have that in the system has been a nice little bonus for our employees.”

A key factor in Chameleon’s decision to implement Employment Hero was the focus on compliance. “It’s fantastic for making sure nothing gets missed,” she says. “When you’re processing this many new employees every week, it’s great to have a system that makes sure every step is compliant with all regulations – it ticks all the boxes for you.”

Abbey recalls how painless the implementation process was. “It was so easy, and not only that, we were able to work it in with our Xero payroll system too, and that was solving a major pain point. The fact that it's compatible with Xero meant I could upload all our employees over from the payroll system, and it's made our payroll manager's life a lot easier!”

It comes as no surprise that Abbey has no hesitation in recommending Employment Hero to other businesses. “It’s so easy to use,” she says. “I can't fault it. Everyone on our team loves it!”


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  1. Employment Hero's HR platform integrates with Xero, MYOB ARL, QBO, Key Pay and Employment Hero’s Hero Pay - available at additional cost.
  2. ANZ, Employment Hero join forces – The Australian

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